Lock Lamp

LED Lock LampIt is great fun making things with Colin Chetwood and we are always looking for excuses to create things together. Our latest project, Lock Lamp was inspired by the G4 LED modules recently fitted to our cooker hood and an ingenious positionable lamp mechanism developed by Colin.

I do have a weakness for classic desk lamps and have a small collection acquired from car boot sales and even the Council tip where I picked up a lovely Hadrill and Horstmann Counterpoised Lamp for a pound (I didn’t know what it was until I Googled it just now!). This is a brilliant springless design but not balanced for energy efficient lightbulbs which weigh more than old GLS bulbs. We also have quite a collection of old machine lamps that would have once adorned lathes and milling machines in the days when we manufactured things.

However none of these classic lamps quite met our needs so we decided to make something that did.

We are already working on the next two designs, again driven by a need for a product we have not been able to buy, watch this space!

Visit www.locklamp.com now!


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