Sustainable Design Philosophy

Being Wrong
This presentation from the AECB conference in 2018 was a reflection on things we got wrong over the years. As confident as we may be at the time, we are aware that hindsight is a wonderful thing! Hopefully some of it self explanatory.

Things we got wrong, download.

The term eco-minimalism was coined by the late Howard Liddell. These short articles set out to encapsulate my approach to sustainable design. They all say a similar thing in a slightly different way so start with the most recent and you might not need to read the rest!

Eco-minimalism Revisited, Green Building Magazine 2008

Eco-minimalism, original collaboration with Howard Liddell Building for a Future 2002

AJ comment, edited version 2008

Paul Knights, David Littlewood, Dan FirthEco-Minimalism as a virtue A critique by actual philosophers Knights. Littlewood and Firth published in Environmental Ethics 2011.

Zero Carbon

Is net zero the right target for buildings? 2012

Presented at the 16th International Passivhaus Conference in Hannover. Author: N Grant. May 2012. Download here.

Also discussed in bdonline Blogpost here.

Biomass a burning issue 2010

Biomass a burning IssueIn which we argue that burning biomass is renewable but no solution to reducing CO2 emissions.

The most controversial AECB discussion paper with Alan Clarke and many un-named contributors. Download here.

Whilst some missed the point and assumed we are pro fossil fuel others got it and did an even better job of explaining the arguments. We found this piece by Mark Brinkley very amusing. We were also pleasantly surprised to find Rob Hopkins of the Transition movement supportive with an excellent and intelligent discussion – post here.

Kate de Selincourt and Sofie Pelsmakers picked up the batten and were published in the CIBSE Journal.