Product Design

Eco Design

All these products are designed following eco minimal sustainable design principles. Each sets out to provide the highest performance with the least impact.

Lock Lamp

ply shade desk lampLock Lamp is a collaboration with Colin Chetwood. We wanted a very minimal and unobtrusive light that would stay put without springs or screws. As we don’t know how lighting technology will evolve we designed it to be hackable, repairable and upgradeable.

 designer desk lamp

Airflush® urinal

airflush urinalThe Airflush® urinal was developed as a spin-off from a project for the National Trust to evaluate problems with flushed and waterless urinals in high-use applications. The Airflush® urinal needs no chemicals or consumables and is completely odourless. Airflush is distributed by the Green Building Store as part of their best practice water efficiency and Passivhaus product portfolio.

Ifö Cera ES4 WC

es4 wcThe ES4 combined the design and efficiency of a Swedish 4 litre pan with a robust, leak free UK siphon cistern.

The ES4 was developed with Mark Moodie has been extensively tested in lab and field. It is installed in a wide range of properties around the country from architect’s homes to National Trust properties and bus stations. You have probably used one!

NatSol compost toilet

composting toiletI have been interested in composting toilets since my formative time at CAT in the early 80s. Frustrated with the poor performance of available systems I joined forces with compost toilet Guru Andy Warren and we set up NatSol Ltd in 2005. The stainless steel urine separating pedestal is designed to be manufactured without press tools or welding.

Bespoke lighting

lighting t5When Architype were looking for energy efficient lighting for their new West Office they couldn’t find anything that met their needs. This was the start of an ongoing collaboration with my friend Colin Chetwood. Article in Building Magazine (or download here).


EST water energy model WEM Lite

The web based implementation of the EST water energy model has been used by over 90,000 households.

Elemental Solutions have been commissioned by clients including The Energy Saving Trust, the Environment Agency, BRE and Fulcrum to develop computer models for evaluating Energy and carbon, water efficiency measures, rain water harvesting and stormwater disposal. We also regularly create custom dashboards for PHPP to solve specific modelling problems.

Neater Eater

Neater EaterDuring what was supposed to be just a year out of University, I helped Jon Michaelis to develop the Neater Eater feeding aid. Then as now, my main contribution was to apply radical simplification. 30 years on, the basic design looks the same although there have been some further improvements by Jon, including spring assistance and a wider range of complementary products.