Passivhaus Building Consultants


Passivhaus nice daylightSustainable design cannot be an aspiration or an expensive option, it must become the norm. That is why we strive to do more with less. Historically most so called ‘green’ or ‘low energy’ buildings have failed to perform in terms of comfort and durability and actual energy use has been much higher than predicted. Because of this we advocate Passivhaus design. We know it works and will deliver buildings with excellent comfort and  genuinely low energy use. We also work with the AECB Building Standard which uses the same approach but a less demanding design target.

Hands on Approach

testing duct pressures

We are practical engineers and self builders and like to get our hands dirty. Elemental Solutions provide strategic and pre-planning advice through detail design, site supervision, toolbox talks, commissioning and troubleshooting. See what we do and project examples via the menu above.

Eco-Minimalism not Eco-Bling

Straw bale green buildingOur approach has been called radical simplicity. Over the years we have explored most green building clichés from autonomous homes to grass roofs, rainwater harvesting, reed beds and straw bale construction. We learnt that technology and material choices should emerge from the design process. We do not start with a shopping list of green technologies to design around. Our approach is radical efficiency and simplification rather than bolt-ons or eco-bling.

Ecological Wastewater Treatment

ecological sewage treatmentElemental Solutions are known for their work on ecological wastewater treatment. This  includes composting toilets, reed beds, living soakaways and the Trench Arch system, popular with rural churches. We co-authored Choosing Ecological Wastewater Treatment and the BRE Guides to reed beds and natural wastewater treatment. As of 2017 we have been focussing on Passivhaus and energy efficient building consultancy and are not taking on new wastewater related projects.

Eco Design and Product Development

ply shade desk lampOur research has spawned a number of commercial designs to solve specific water and energy related problems. The product design page includes water saving technologies, energy efficient lighting and compost toilets. All these are commercially available, however as consultants we are professionally bound to provide impartial advice.

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