Research and Policy

We specialise in quick focussed research to solve problems.  We have been commissioned by organisations including the Environment Agency, The Energy Saving Trust, BRE, AECB and the Good Homes Alliance.

Also see our conference papers here.

“the best discoveries are made by mistake, and the more money you have the longer it takes you to make the mistake” — Spotted by Judith Thornton on a door in a university recearch department.

Our critique of the Code for Sustainable Homes water calculator for the Good Homes Alliance led to a review of the Calculator proposed for Building Regulations. Other output has included:

  • Research into the carbon impact of water use in buildings for the EST and EA.
  • The BRE Good Building Guide on Reed beds which is referenced in the Building Regulations Approved Documents in Scotland, England and Wales.
  • An evaluation of the feasibility of delivering water neutrality in the thames Gateway with ENTEC.
  • A discussion paper looking at the low carbon status of biomass heating for the AECB
  • A critique of the zero carbon building concept.