A Critique of CSH (Code for Sustainable Homes) Water Efficiency Requirements.

This paper was sponsored by the Good Homes Alliance and built on an original critique of June 2007. Download.

This led to a review of the Calculator by AECOM. The report was made available via a FOI request by Margery Slater.

Good Homes Alliance says Code could be better.
A shorter version of the water critique published in Green Building Magazine alongside a brief critique of the Energy aspects of the Code 2008. Download.

(The SUR1 requirements are also seriously flawed and have been successfully challenged for a client but not written up publicly).

Advances in Water Supply Management:
Proceedings of the Ccwi’03 Conference, London, 15-17 September 2003
C. Maksimovic (Editor), D. Butler (Editor), F.A. Memon (Editor) Chapter; The Economics of Water Efficient Products in the Household; Nick Grant and David Howarth Environment Agency. A more detailed version is available for free download.

Water Demand Management – 2006
Water Demand Management has been prepared by the academic, government and industry network WATERSAVE. Available – IWA Publishing  Editors: David Butler, Fayyaz Memon. Chapter 4; Water Conservation Products; Nick Grant, Elemental Solutions. Download the text here.

CIBSE paper – Abstract – 1999
This paper is intended to encourage practitioners to ‘do the numbers’, to check for compatibility with the project brief and the management context as well as actual performance and ecological impact before jumping to conclusions. Author: N Grant, C Morgan. Download.

Sewage SolutionsSewage Solutions
Third edition of the best selling introduction to dealing safely and ecologically with the sewage of up to 50 people. It is written for the lay-person out of the experience of three of the leaders in natural waste water treatment in the UK. 4th Edition now called ‘Choosing Ecological Sewage Treatment’  but pre-loved copies of the original available! Written with Mark Moodie and Dr Chris Weedon.


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