Water and Waste

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On this page you will find a wealth of best practice guidance on water efficiency and ecological wastewater treatment.

AECB Water Standards 2009


Available for free download. These voluntary standards were comissioned to provide an alternative approach to the Code for Sustainble Homes Water Calculator and as to complement the Passivhaus building Standard. Written with Judith Thornton of Waterworks.

Choosing Ecological Sewage Treatment


Choosing Ecological Sewage Treatment describes off-mains sewage treatment systems and shows you how to deal safely with the sewage of up to about 50 people. This is a fully revised new edition of the previous title Sewage Solutions. Publication date: 13 September 2012, CAT

Nick Grant, Mark Moodie, Chris Weedon

Environment Agency Conserving Water in Buildings a practical guide 2008

conserving water in buildings

The third edition of this technical guidance on water efficiency in buildings is now available as a download. Covers domestic and non domestic. This document no longer appears on the Environment Agency Website but the information is still current and you can download it here.

Author: N Grant.

Best Practice water-efficient WCses4 wc

Optimising the water used by a toilet can make the greatest savings, but what is current best practice for the environment-conscious designer or builder? Article published in Building For a Future magazine 2002. Author: N Grant.

Ecohouse 2/3/4

Elemental Solutions wrote the ‘Using Water Wisely’ chapter of the Ecohouse design guide by Professor Sue Roaf, Manuel Fuentes and Stephanie Thomas.Architectural Press 2007.

Sustainable Construction – 2008

Sustainable ConstructionBased on a hugely successful series of workshops for professionals in construction, the book covers the history of ideas, materials, measurement, environmental services, and the building design and delivery process through to post-occupancy evaluation.Author: Sandy Halliday. Water and Sewage Management chapter; Nick Grant, Elemental Solutions.

EST water and carbon reportQuantifying the energy and carbon effects of water saving

Commissioned by  the EA and EST. Researched and written with Alan Clarke and Judith Thornton. Non-technical summary report and full technical report to download.

The Economics of Water Efficient Products in the Household
The economics of water efficient products in the householdCommissioned by the Environment Agency to evaluate the feasibility of subsidising water efficient products. Download here. Author: N Grant.

Water Regulations Review; Water Efficiency Opportunities.Water Regulations

This report was commissioned by The Environment Agency as part of a review of the Water Regulations Review. July 2008. Author N. Grant. Download Here