Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.” — George Bernard Shaw

Passivhaus Training for the CEPH Exam

Passivhaus training CEPHWe work with Warm as part of the team that developed and delivers the AECB Carbonlite course. This training covers the syllabus for the   Cerfified European PassivHaus  (CEPH) Designer Exam. As well as covering the CEPH syllabus  we also cover UK specific construction methods and products including cavity wall construction.

The course is taught by practitioners, all of whom are acknowledged experts with practical experience gained over many certified Passivhaus projects.

Training and support for Architects and Engineers

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We provide training in Passivhaus design and water efficient building for design teams and individual practices. We also provide mentoring for those who have completed the CEPH training but feel that they need some help and support with their first projects.

Tool box talks and contractor design workshops

This is an important part of any build process. For many of our smaller projects we work with the same team of builders time and time again. This allows us to all learn from each other and feed lessons into the design process.

For larger projects we like to get the contractor involved in the design process as soon as possible. Unfortunately the way many buildings are procured makes this difficult to achieve.

Toolbox talks give a chance to explain the how but also the why of airtight and thermal bridge free construction.


We have developed and written masterclasses on a range of topics including summer comfort and value engineering.

Passivhaus Trust Masterclass