Contemporary Wall Lights

Low energy contemporary wall lights for Ledbury Passivhaus

New design

Certified Passivhaus

Ruth borrows our battery drill to fit her plaque.

Colin Chetwood and I have experimented with various options for low energy wall lights over the years including the mirror lights developed for Architype’s Hereford office. We also designed optimised timber pelmet lights for a housing development in Oxfordshire. What we didn’t have was a good economical solution for  basic wall lights using standard CFL or mains voltage LED lamps.


Customisable shade

contemporary wall lightscontemporary low energy wall lamp

After a good amount of experimentation we have designed a very simple solution that can be adapted for a wide range of applications. Our first installation uses shades with Japanese paper made from mulberry leaves. This looks very Zen but kid’s art and colourful abstract drawings are equally suitable. The paper or art work is sandwiched between two polycarbonate sheets and simply clipped into the backplate. The fitting is designed to minimise the chance of seeing the tube even when installed on a stairwell. The generous form allows plenty of light onto the wall and ceiling. The shade density can be chosen to adjust the amount of light bleeding through.

Mike Whiffield who built the Ledbury Passivhaus has since ordered wall lights for his own recently completed Passivhaus. These have been supplied with integral pull switches to allow additional control.

The wall light is manufactured in the UK by Colin Chetwood. For contact details see our collaborative website There is an A4 and an A3 version and custom models are possible.

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