AECB Conference 2013

AECB annual conference Bradford University Norcroft Centre

The AECB annual conference is a real highlight in many a green building professional’s diary. Conference is a bit of a misnomer as it conjures up images of shiny suits and dreary presentations in lacklustre venues or expensive conference centres. Whilst Architects may dominate the delegate list there is a good smattering of builders, heating engineers, plumbers, electricians self builders to help keep it real.

This year we meet in Bradford in a new ‘environmentally friendly’ building which will no doubt be critically examined by delegates sniffing out greenwash. Architect Mark Elton once described the AECB conference as a bullshit free zone which is as good a summary as I can think of.

There will be presentations on most aspects of sustainable building and I will be trying to say something fresh about water and plumbing design with Cath Hassell of ech2o. I will also be doing a double act with Lee Fordham of Architype on the performance of the Passivhaus schools in Wolverhampton including lessons learnt and incorporated in the latest one, Wilkinson.

Alan Clarke and Andrew Farr’s presentation on ventilation should be very good ‘Goldilocks and the art of┬áventilation – not too much,┬ánot too little but just right’.

if that isn’t your thing then speaking at the same time is Architect Gernot Vallentin, one of several international guest speakers

Best check out the actual program for more details here

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