Trench Arch Sewage Treatment

Please note, we are not able to provide advice on trench arch systems.

The Trench Arch Drainage (TAD) system was a spin-off from a 3 year R&D project on sludge-free domestic sewage treatment. Raw effluent from a WC discharges into a carefully constructed shallow culvert which acts as a vermicomposting filter bed.

The Trench Arch has been very popular for rural churches wishing to add a WC for occasional use. In 2001 we produced a short design note for the Gloucester DAC. The original document is available to download on the Canterbury Diocese website here alongside very good general advice of drainage for churches.

A more recent report on the Trench Arch Drainage system by Oxford Archeology for Historic England contains more up to date information and is available to download here.

Trench Arch Drainage Plans

Whilst the Trench Arch is technically simple, it must be designed by a professional who can take full design responsibility. Where mains drainage is available, this should always be the preferred option even for very low use applications.

Elemental Solutions no longer offer design advice or consultancy on Trench Arch Systems. See the NatSol website for an alternative waterless toilet solution that requires no water connection and so is immune to frozen pipes.