Water Efficiency and Wastewater Treatment

Although our focus has shifted towards building design and energy efficiency we still provide strategic advice and detailed design solutions for water efficiency and wastewater treatment. We were early pioneers of reed beds and pond treatment systems in the UK but always look for the simplest solution which is often a well engineered septic tank and leachfield (soakaway).

Water Efficiency

AECB-Water-Standardsconserving water in buildings

The Resource pages include free documents containing information on best practice. The AECB Water Standards and the Environment Agency document Saving Water In Buildings cover most aspects.


‘Probably the best value consultancy work I have ever paid for. Quick clear and thoughtful.’ – Architect Robert Prewett on water efficiency advice for Midmore Road Enerphit retrofit.

Wastewater Treatment Including Reedbeds, Soil Filters and Leachfields

Sustainable sewage treatment engineered leachfield

We have designed and commissioned complete wastewater treatment systems for projects ranging from single houses to visitor centres. Our speciality is systems that use little or no energy. Ideally we will avoid the need for more expensive solutions such as reed beds and package treatment plants and we are not tied to one technology.


Dry Compost Toilets

Ceramic compost toilet pedestalOver the years we have designed a number of composting toilet systems for clients including the National Trust and the Centre for Alternative Technology and our own house is built around a fine example. As one-off design and manufacture is uneconomic in 2005 I set up NatSol with Andrew Warren to manufacture state of the art waterless toilets designed for allotments, churches and all sites without mains services.


Trench Arch Sewage Treatment for Churches

Trench arch sewage treatment for a rural church toiletThe Trench Arch was a spin-off from a 3 year R&D project which looked into sludge-free domestic sewage treatment. Raw effluent from a single WC discharges into a carefully constructed culvert which acts as a vermicomposting filter bed. See the NatSol website for an alternative solution that requires no water connection and so is immune to frozen pipes.